Whether for the completion of a course of study or for a professional career – a foreign language like Dutch opens the way for the future. The NT2 (NT2-1 or NT2-2) language certificate Dutch is therefore particularly important as proof of individual language skills. The high value of the language diploma is based on the implementation of the provisions of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which are based on scientific findings.

Levels of the NT2

The language diploma, also known as NT2 or NT2-2 Dutch, includes level B2 of the CEFR. The addition „2“ means that the tests for the B2 program have been passed successfully. In Holland, the exams are held in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam, for example. The Dutch State Examination NT2 is an intensive course that counts as language training.

Target group of the NT2

The target group of the test are mainly German-speaking but also international participants who have reached the age of 18 and who wish to take a state examination in Dutch. This means that the interested parties attend secondary school in the upper school with vocational training or they would like to apply for a job with a company of their choice after their training. NT2 with the B2 program is also considered access to university studies or employment. NT2-2 should be chosen by people whose profession is in a middle or upper level position.

Advantages of the NT2

The advant, very comprehensive language certificate NT2-2 Dutch has the advantage of being highly recognized by employers and public authorities. On the other hand, the NT2-2 provides a solid basis for everyday communication. Both the examination procedure and the contents and assessments are based on standardized guidelines. This is the prerequisite for the international recognition of the diploma.

Goals of the NT2

The intended learning objectives of the test are mainly tailored to participants who initially have a beginner’s knowledge of Dutch. Included are intensive preparatory courses and individual training in listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking. The aim is to bring the candidates to a successful conclusion relatively quickly and to optimize their language skills.

NT2 Examinations

With the test contents the offerers depend on the CEFR and/or on the needs of beginners. The basic structure of the tests for the NT2-2 Language Diploma includes reading, writing and speaking as well as understanding listening. All in all, these four parts are assessed.

There are always three candidates in an examination group. Part A focuses on writing and listening comprehension (40 questions), Part B on reading comprehension (40 questions) and writing (120 minutes) and Part C on active communication in conversation (30 minutes). Speaking takes place in individual tests. It includes the formulation of long and short answers. Es ist notwendig, vor dem NT2-2 den NT2-1 zu bestehen.

Costs of the NT2

An NT2 language exam costs around 45 euros to 90 euros per level or for individual tests. If you intend to take all the partial exams, you should reckon with costs of about 195 Euro. These financial expenses are to be paid as examination fees. Fees for the courses are determined separately.

Registration for NT2

The registration for NT2 is done by certified test providers.

Shortly suppliers of the NT2 will be presented here.

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