Sprachniveau B1 im Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen (GER)
Language level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

The B1 level certifies language competence at the level of independent language use. This means that one can understand the main points when using a clear standard language and when dealing with familiar matters from work, environment, school and leisure. Most situations that you encounter on your travels or in everyday life can be handled with the foreign language.

It should be ensured that one can express oneself in a simple and coherent way on familiar topics and personal areas of interest, as well as report on experiences and events. One should be able to explain plans and views and give short explanations or statements.

Language tests at language level B1 (GER) at a glance

BULATS Sprachtest
IELTS Sprachtest
PET Sprachtest
TKT Sprachtest
CEIBT Sprachtest
CELI Sprachtest
CIC Sprachtest
CILS Sprachtest
CNaVT Sprachtest
DELE Sprachtest
DELF Sprachtest
DEPLE Portugiesisch Test
DFA Sprachtest
DFP Französisch Test
DIE Sprachtest
DSD Sprachtest
EFB Sprachtest
EFC Sprachtest
ELSA Sprachtest
Goethe Sprachtest
HSK Chinesisch Sprachkurs
ÖSD Sprachtest
TBU Sprachtest
TELC Französisch Sprachtest
TELC Deutsch Sprachtest
TELC Russisch Sprachtest
TELC Spanisch Sprachtest
TOEFL Sprachtest
TOEIC Sprachtest
TRKI Sprachtest
WEFT Sprachtest
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