The Cambridge English: Business Certificates, also called Business English Certificates (BEC), offer three English language examinations for international business English:

  • Business Certificates (BEC) Preliminary
  • Business Certificates (BEC) Vantage
  • Business Certificates (BEC) Higher

Niveaustufe des BEC Certificates

According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the individual qualifications follow the following levels:

  • BEC Preliminary B1
  • BEC Vantage B2
  • BEC Higher C1

Target groups of the BEC Cambridge

The Business Cambridge Certificate Courses are designed for participants who already have English language skills and would like to improve their English language skills by working in an international company abroad or in their own country. In addition, the Business Certificates are also suitable for participants who would like to study business in English.

The advantages of the BEC

The qualifications of the Business English Certificates serve as proof of language skills in the field of Business English to further your professional career. Since the individual courses also include different language variants (e.g. American English, British English), participants can use their language skills in everyday business life or in their studies.

Even participants of different nationalities or with a different language background can attend a preparation course. The exam certificates are recognized by thousands of employers, universities and governments worldwide and are valid for life.

The learning objectives of the BEC

All three levels are based on practical everyday business life, but have varying degrees of difficulty.

BEC Preliminary is the first of the three language qualifications and corresponds to the intermediate level. The participants are able to

  • to read short messages and write short e-mails,
  • to evaluate diagrams,
  • conduct short conversations, telephone calls or discussions
  • to communicate on topics that are important for the business.

The second language qualification BEC Vantage corresponds to the higher intermediate level and enables participants to

  • write short reports, offers or business letters,
  • to read economic publications in extracts,
  • understand and actively participate in work meetings.

The last language qualification BEC Higher corresponds to the upper level for a demanding job or study. The participants are certified that they

  • be able to communicate effectively at a specialist or management level,
  • can confidently appear at work meetings or presentations,
  • have fluent language skills,
  • be able to react accordingly in different contexts (social, cultural)

Furthermore, it can be demonstrated to colleges and universities that

  • a degree in a subject related to economics
  • the execution of demanding and extensive research work

is possible

Registration for the BEC

Participants can register, at short notice if necessary, directly with the respective examination center, where the examination is held several times a year worldwide.

Die BEC Exam

Every year, about 2,700 examination centers in more than 130 countries around the world conduct examinations in

  • Reading and listening comprehension
  • Oral and written expression
  • Knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
  • Communication skills

offered. A variety of different materials can be used to prepare for the exam, such as textbooks, worksheets, sample exams. The exam is held in three or more parts

BEC PreliminaryBEC VantageBEC Higher
Lesen/Schreiben90 minutes
Lesen60 minutes60 minutes
Schreiben45 minutes70 minutes
Hören40 minutes40 minutes40 minutes
Sprechen12 minutes14 minutes16 minutes

The exam can be done as a paper version or on a computer. The individual test results flow into the final result in equal parts.

The costs of the BEC

Since the examination fees for the BEC Cambridge are determined by the respective examination centers, participants must inquire about them locally.

BEC test preparation via online course

BEC test preparation books

PASS Cambridge BEC Higher, Student's Book mit 2 Audio-CDs (2nd Edition)
  • Audio-CD – Hörbuch
  • Wood, Ian (Autor)
  • 160 Seiten - Helbling (Herausgeber)

Workbook, w. Key
  • Williams, Anne (Autor)

PASS Cambridge BEC Vantage, Student's Book mit 2 Audio-CDs (2nd Edition)
  • Audio-CD – Hörbuch
  • Wood, Ian (Autor)
  • 182 Seiten - Helbling (Herausgeber)

Videos about the BEC

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