DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a University of Cambridge qualification for teachers who have already gained professional experience in teaching English as a foreign language to adults, primary and secondary school students, and who wish to pursue a professional career.

Level of the DELTA

DELTA corresponds to level C1-C2 according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Zielgruppen der DELTA

DELTA is suitable for all English teachers who wish to teach adults at an advanced level, subject to the following requirements:

a minimum age of 21 years,
a university degree,
sufficient oral and written English skills to be able to follow the lessons

In addition, at least one year of professional experience as an English teacher is recommended.

The advantages of DELTA

DELTA is often a prerequisite for working as a teacher in adult education and provides experienced English teachers who are looking for a professional career:

  • Techniques to improve practical language teaching,
  • Tricks to increase performance within the class,
  • Possibilities of reflection,
  • Business English,

The preparation courses consist of three modules, which can be taken flexibly and can be attended full-time or part-time. Depending on the type of course chosen, the course can last 2-3 months or up to one year. The DELTA certificate provides worldwide access to training facilities in adult education.

The goals of DELTA

By attending a DELTA course, teachers can update and improve their knowledge. The three course modules cover almost all areas of everyday teaching:

  • Module 1: Language comprehension, teaching methods and resources,
  • Module 2: Professional curriculum planning (effective lesson preparation, suitable teaching materials)
  • Module 3: Consolidation of the acquired knowledge

The registration for the DELTA

Registration for a DELTA course is done at an approved examination center, where further information about the DELTA course and examination dates is also available.

The DELTA Exam

The DELTA modules are tested in different ways:

  • Module 1: written examination in the form of two 90-minute papers,
  • Module 2: Evaluation of course work (e.g. lectures, class observations),
  • Module 3: detailed written examination

The cost of the DELTA

The fees for a DELTA course can be obtained from the respective examination center.

DELTA test preparation via online course

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Books for DELTA Test Preparation

Videos about the DELTA

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