Cambridge Certificate: ICELT is a continuing education course for teachers who already teach English as a foreign language and wish to deepen and improve their professional skills. The ICELT course was developed from the former COTE (Certificate Overseas Teachers of English).

Level of the ICELT

The language level of the participants should be at least B2 level according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Zielgruppen des ICELT

ICELT is aimed at English teachers who

  • Adults and young people in the private sector,
  • University students,
  • Pupils at primary or secondary schools

want to teach and develop professionally and improve their teaching methods. But also English teachers who, for example

  • have not previously completed training as an English teacher
  • have not given English lessons over a longer period of time,
  • have completed preparatory training for secondary school teachers in the last 12 months

can attend ICELT courses.

The advantages of ICELT

ICELT offers an insight into how to design efficient teaching, but also provides practical methods for teaching English. As a rule, the assessment of teaching practice is carried out in your own teaching environment, where you feel most confident and comfortable. The ICELT course is usually offered as a part-time course, although the length of the course can vary from a few months to more than a year.

Classes take place either in the form of classroom instruction or as a combination of classroom instruction and distance learning (minimum 120 hours). ICELT is divided into two modules, which can be taken either consecutively or at different times.

The goals of ICELT

ICELT offers English teachers the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as

  • Language use and awareness in the classroom
  • Planning, teaching and assessment.

Registration for the ICELT

Registration for an ICELT course takes place in a Teacher Qualification Center, where you will also receive information about the start of the course, course duration and exam dates.

The ICELT exam

The ICELT exam takes place in two blocks. In addition to a task part, a teaching part and a methodology part, four written exams about your own teaching experience are also required. Upon passing the exam, an ICELT certificate from the University of Cambridge is awarded, as with all Cambridge certificate courses, which is considered a recognized and high-quality teacher qualification.

The costs of the ICELT

The fees for an ICELT course can be obtained from the chosen center for teacher qualification.

Online preparation courses for ICELT

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Videos about the ICELT

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