With a focus on the English language and applying the provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the EFB Certificate in English is considered a globally recognized diploma for languages. The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry originally developed this language certificate. It is suitable for candidates who wish to intensify their professional or technical English and take a test.

Levels of the EFB

Overall, the test is divided into several levels or difficulty levels according to the current frame of reference: Level 1 covers levels A2 to B1, Level 2 includes B1 to B2, Level 3 includes B2 to C1 and Level 4 covers C1 to C2.

Target groups of the EFB

The EFB or English for Business can be taken either directly or as a distance learning course while working. The course in Business English is primarily intended for advanced learners (academics, qualified business people, employees with a lot of English correspondence) as well as for those interested in general education. These are participants who are enthusiastic about the language and want to obtain a certificate accepted by further education institutes and companies.

Advantages of the EFB

The advantages of this additional qualification in the English-speaking area lie first of all in its character as a continuing education measure. The EFB Certificate in English is to be regarded as a language diploma that builds on the previous one. It is suitable for a career in your own country and abroad with English as a foreign or second language.

Goals of the EFB

The learning objectives of the test are skills in vocabulary and presentation of topics, grammar, writing and speaking. The EFB English Test is particularly participant-friendly because of its timely, inexpensive and solid design. The standardized CEFR ensures international comparability with other language certificates.

EFB Examinations

The content of the Business Communication Skills exam is determined by the scope and difficulty of the tasks. The test content is based on a time frame of 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours. The level of the test content is high. The written test alone deals with four requirement modules. Included are writing with the application of vocabulary (150 minutes), written expression and reading with subsequent writing of a text in English. This module is preceded by a prior analysis of the content and a request for information transfer.

An oral test for testing language ability and a listening comprehension test (25 minutes) can be completed by the examinee upon request. This part is voluntary and refers to the description of a picture or a written specification.

Registration for the EFB

For the registration to the EFB test one can turn to a certified test offerer, of which there are Germany far nearly 200 and world-wide approx. 5000 test facilities.

Cost of the EFB

The costs of the test amount to approximately 42 euro to 140 euro depending upon Sprachinstitut and module. If the test is supplemented by the test listening comprehension and speaking, an additional fee of about 8 Euro is charged.

EFB test preparation via online courses

Shortly suppliers of the EFB will be presented here.

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