The EFC in English is another standard language test offered by Cambridge English Assessment. It is suitable for participants who are not native speakers of English. With the EFC test, the LCCI London Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers one of the easiest language tests. EFC is called English for Commerce. It is therefore a pronounced business English. The EFC aims at a worldwide recognized LCCI certificate.

Levels of the EFC

With a total of 3 different levels of the test from B1 to C1, it is an examination procedure according to the unified principles of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. EFC is called English for Commerce. It is therefore a pronounced business English. The EFC aims at a worldwide recognized LCCI certificate.

Target groups of the EFC

The target groups of the test are both working people and students who do not speak English or have few linguistic resources.

Advantages of the EFC

An important advantage of the EFC test is its global comparability with other language certificates according to CEFR. The test results and the certificate are internationally recognized. If you are interested, it is no problem to obtain supplementary certificates at levels A1 to C1.

Goals of the EFC

The learning objectives of the test are precisely defined. They mainly include written expression, summarizing and reading comprehension. The EFC Language Diploma focuses on professional and business English. The EFC Certificate is based on levels 1, 2 and 3.

EFC Examinations

The EFC diploma is primarily oriented towards the theoretical requirements of everyday professional life. The test contents in levels 1 to 4 are mainly written. However, an oral part can be completed additionally.

In Level 1, the language level Business English B1 to C2 is tested in an examination time of 120 minutes. Levels 2 and 3 are based on an oral examination.

The B1 test includes reading and writing with 90 minutes and listening with about 40 minutes and speaking with 12 minutes. Usually the exams for the EFC Diploma do not take more than three hours.

B2 or B2 Business Vintage includes reading at 60 minutes, writing at 45 minutes and listening at 40 minutes. Speaking is scheduled for 14 minutes.

Der weiterführende C1 Business Higher-Test setzt sich aus dem Lesen etwa 60 Minuten, dem Schreiben in 70 Minuten Prüfungszeit und dem Hören mit etwa 40 Minuten Dauer zusammen. Hinzu kommt das 16-minütige Sprechen.

Costs for the EFC

Depending on which level of the EFC test is to be taken, the costs vary. Roughly speaking, the prices range from 150 Euro to 250 Euro from level 1 to level 4 with the test options writing, reading and listening. The basic EFC exams are level 1, 2 and 3.

EFC test preparation via online courses

Registration for the EFC

Registration for the test can be done at the examination centers represented worldwide. Furthermore, there are certified test providers and private educational institutions that can also be contacted. Preparatory courses are also offered in some cases.

Shortly, suppliers of the EFC will be presented here.

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