An English language test recognized by many international companies is the ELSA or English Skills Assessment Test. This is a grading procedure that focuses on the certificates B1 to C1 at the CEFR level. It is an evaluation possibility regarding the English skills in the business sector. For companies and universities the ELSA test is the basis for an application. The test focuses on general language ability and language skills related to a profession.

Levels of the ELSA

Characteristic for the level of the ELSA test and the criteria for using a language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are the three test levels from A to C with the sublevels.

Target groups of the ELSA

The target group of the test are pupils, high school graduates, working people and prospective students who are at least 16 years old. Companies preferably use the ELSA to assess and improve the general language skills of their employees.

Advantages of the ELSA

The ELSA test, which is standardized via the LCCI, is considered to be fair, needs-based and flexible. It is subject to the evaluation system by the LCCIEB.

Goals of the ELSA

The learning objectives of the B1 to C1 test differ in level. They always represent an increase.

  • In B1 the main content should be understood and linguistic communication in everyday situations should be achieved.
  • ELSA B2 deals with the understanding of complex topics and texts. The linguistic expression should be detailed and clear.
  • C1 or Effectiveness Level refers to the comprehension and understanding of demanding types of text. Linguistic expression is at an effortless, flowing level.

The test content is about several modules. There are four sections in total. These can be combined freely and can be worked on in individual sequences.

The 75-minute Module 1 with 120 questions relates to reading and listening.

The ELSA Writing 1 test is part of Module 2 and covers grammar, semantics and vocabulary. About 45 minutes are planned for the test.

In Module 3, the ELSA Writing 2 Test, the participants‘ ability to express themselves using the given linguistic tools is assessed. For this the candidates write an essay in English. They have 40 minutes time.

Module 4 is the Speaking Test. The central aim is to test verbal expression within a period of 30 minutes.

Registration for the ELSA

The free registration for the test can be done in the examination centers established throughout Germany or abroad. Information about this can be found on the website Another option is to apply for the test at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry online or by filling in the appropriate form.

Cost of the ELSA

Depending on the type of test, the cost of the test ranges from 120 Euro to 140 Euro. The prices are closely related to the chosen level. Normally the fees are 93 Euro.

ELSA test preparations via online course

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Hauptanbieter des ELSA Tests ist die in London ansässige Industrie- und Handelskammer sowie alle unter aufgelisteten Institutionen.

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