On the targeted search for a standardized English language test, interested graduates will find the Graduate Record Examination Test. The main provider is the Educational Testing Service. It is a standardized examination system with diploma, developed according to new scientific knowledge of language learning. Due to its value and content, the test is to be assigned to the category of aptitude tests for university studies. This results in priority target groups such as students, postgraduates or people planning to study. The aim is to obtain a Master’s degree (postgraduate studies) in a business administration course of study. The GRE Test English is now required by many US universities and colleges as an admission option.

Levels of the GRE

The level of the GRE certificate according to US-American standards is very high. So-called identification requirements are already set at the time of registration. Decisive are the US American regulations for examination questions, which currently meet the requirements of American universities and colleges. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages does not apply to the GRE English.

Target groups of the GRE

As a special target group of the test especially students with an already completed basic study like Bachelor of Sciene or Bachelor of Arts are considered. These are not only foreign, but also domestic students who are citizens of Germany.

Advantages of the GRE

The advantages of the test lie mainly in its high quality. This results from the sophisticated design of both the verbal and quantitative tests. It therefore provides a favorable basis for attending a graduate school or a higher educational institution. The GRE Test English is also recognized by U.S. companies for foreign applicants with doctorates. The test can be repeated as often as desired.

Goals of the GRE

In addition to training in quantitative and verbal argumentation, the acquisition of analytical writing skills is one of the other learning objectives of the test. In addition, critical thinking and language skills are trained and tested. Depending on the technical equipment of the test center, the test is carried out either with special computer programs or on paper. Of course, all tests are structured according to a uniform scheme.

GRE Examinations

The GRE English is characterized by Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning. For the Analytical Writing, the test duration is 45 minutes for writing an essay and 30 minutes for a written argumentation on a given topic. The Quantitative Reasoning part takes place within 45 minutes. A total of 28 questions are to be answered. The third part is Verbal Reasoning with 30 minutes. During this time, the examinee answers 30 questions on mixed subjects.

Subject tests related to individual subjects, which are not optional, can improve your chances of being admitted to the program if you complete them voluntarily and successfully. To be admitted to a Master’s program in Economics or Finance, the GRE must be completed with a certain number of points.

Cost of the GRE

The cost of the test depends on the type of test. A diploma for the general language qualification costs around 150 dollars to 195 dollars. A single subject test costs $150.

GRE test preparation via online course

Registration for the GRE

To register for the GRE, you can contact a certified testing provider.

Shortly, providers of the GRE will be presented here.

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