Meaningful language tests such as SEFIC English are an important measure for many people in order to develop their professional or private life. The SEFIC Certificate English allows a conclusion to be drawn about one’s language skills in English. This test mainly refers to the so-called negotiation English, which is obligatory in various industries. Especially for professions in trade and industry, the language diploma is advantageous for various groups of participants.

Levels of the SEFIC

Spoken English for Industry and Commerce is closely aligned with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. One expression of this is the existence of 5 levels of difficulty, which cover a very individual need.

The levels of the test are divided into preliminary stage, general conversation, description of motives, conducting dialogues and listening comprehension. The uniformly designed guidelines for this correspond to those of the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the CEFR. All guidelines are constantly updated and brought up to date.

Target groups of the SEFIC

The primary target group of the test are students or trainees who are eager to learn and who would like to receive a diploma for negotiation English. Professionals need it for business in industry and the commercial sector. The English test is also suitable for all those who would like to learn and consolidate English as a second or foreign language in everyday life.

Advantages of the SEFIC

Advantages of the test are on the one hand the comparability with other language diplomas as well as their acceptance also at higher educational institutions and by companies. On the other hand, the participants can train and coach their English at a high level at relatively low cost and even have what they have learned precisely assessed.

Goals of the SEFIC

The learning objectives of the test are to understand and speak in English with a focus on oral expression and listening comprehension. Special attention is paid to an intensive reference to practical requirements against the professional background.

SEFIC Prüfung

Unlike many other English language certificates, SEFIC English focuses on speaking. Therefore, the test content focuses on oral testing. The test takes place in the form of a two-way conversation only between the examinee and the teacher or examinee. The duration is about 20 minutes. Contents are technical topics from trade or industry.

Registration for the SEFIC

Depending on the provider, the registration for the test is done via application forms. LCCI is the main provider and offers its services in about 5000 examination centers in numerous countries.

Kosten für den SEFIC

The costs of the test are structured as follows: SEFIC Preliminary approximately 120 Euro, SEFIC Level 1 125 Euro, SEFIC Level 2 130 Euro, SEFIC Level 3 155 Euro, SEFIC Level 4 167 Euro. Deviations from these figures are subject to special fee schedules. For example, there are discounts for students of the HTWK Leipzig.

SEFIC test preparation via online courses

SEFIC providers will soon be presented here.

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