Based on the standardized, scientifically based guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the TOEFL Certificate or The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a useful measure of English language proficiency. If you are planning to study abroad, the TOEFL Test of English offers the best way to prove your English language skills. At present, the TOEFL test can be booked as an iBT and as a PBT by various providers throughout Germany and internationally.

Levels of the TOEFL

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the TOEFL test is divided into several levels. The iBT or Internet-based test differs from the PBT or paper-based test initially only in the way the test is conducted. iBT uses the computer, PBT uses the paper for the written tests.

The levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 are common for different individual requirements and test goals of the interested parties according to the CEFR.

Target groups of the TOEFL

Target groups of this language level measurement are primarily students who are willing to study or already students who are enthusiastic about studying abroad. Almost 5,000 universities and colleges accept the TOEFL test. Professionals who work abroad as well as people who want to learn English as a second or foreign language can also take this test.

Advantages of the TOEFL

The advantages of the rest are their flexibility, objectivity and detail. Even for aspired Bachelor and Master degrees, the TOEFL Test English is a solid foundation. There is only passing the exams, not failing them.

Goals of the TOEFL

The learning objectives of the test depend on the level. Whether in A1 and A2 for primary school students, in A1 to B1 for students up to 12 years of age, middle and high school students or students, all learning objectives include reading, listening, writing and speaking in English.

Prüfungen des TOEFL

The PBT tests reading ability in 55 to 72 minutes. The listening comprehension test takes 60 to 90 minutes and the writing test 50 minutes. Speaking takes about 20 minutes. In contrast, PBT candidates are asked to take the 40-minute listening test and the 25-minute writing test for written expression, spelling and grammar. There are 55 minutes for the reading comprehension test and 30 minutes for the written part.

The iTB is very extensive and detail-oriented. The PBT is rather outdated. It is only done where there is no internet. PBT is shorter and the language part is omitted.

Registration for the TOEFL

Registration for the test can be done online at, by e-mail (, by phone or by mail. All certified test centers are listed under the given internet address. At many institutions, registration can be done in person. The registration forms that have already been prepared are filled out.

Cost of the TOEFL

The costs of the test in Germany according to the corresponding fee schedule currently amount to approximately 220 Euro.

Whether as a direct or online certificate – the number of providers of the test worldwide is enormous. All the threads come together in the Educational Testing Service organization ( Education First is the main provider of language schools in Europe, at numerous American locations and in Australia.

TOEFL test preparation via online courses

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