The TOEIC English Language Certificate (Test Of English for International Communication) is a test based on a standardized evaluation system for language ability in English. This test is based in the field of English for the workplace.

Levels of the TOEIC English Test

The individual levels of the test are subject to the scientifically proven provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The test is divided into levels A1 to C1

Target groups of the TOEIC English Test

Priority target groups of the test are working people who would like to acquire a language diploma accepted by colleges, vocational schools, universities and companies.

Advantage of the TOEIC English Test

One advantage of the test is its comparability with other language certificates. The TOEIC Test English is the only test procedure that meets the ISO 9001 standards set by DEKRA. Another advantage is the promotion and recognition of the test by the employment offices. The highly reliable and exact evaluation of the certificates, which build on each other, should also be emphasized. There is no failing in any TOEIC test.

Goals of the TOEIC

The learning objectives of the test are listening and reading comprehension of the English language as well as speaking and writing in English.

TOEIC Examinations

The test content is divided into levels A1 to C1, whereby either the institutional or public version can be carried out on request. The listening and reading test takes 2 hours 30 minutes for the.

  • There are 45 minutes for listening comprehension,
  • for reading and reading comprehension 75 minutes.

Für das Testen von Sprachkenntnissen in Englisch im Sprech- und Schreibteil sind 60 Minuten sowie 20 Minuten für den mündlichen Part vorgesehen.

TOEIC 4 Skills Test

The TOEIC 4 Skills Test is another special variant that covers the levels A1 to C1. It takes 3 hours and 20 minutes.

  • It is divided into 45 minutes of
  • 75 minutes reading comprehension,
  • 20 minutes speaking and
  • 60 minutes of writing.

TOEIC Bridge Test

The TOEIC Bridge Test with a duration of 1 hour is especially suitable for beginners and candidates with an intermediate level of English. This test, which is designed to test the language level of levels A1, A2 and B1, focuses on so-called everyday English.

  • The time schedule includes the listening comprehension with 25 minutes test duration and the 35-minute reading comprehension test.

Registration for the TOEIC English Test

Students who wish to register for a TOEIC test can do so through their employer and at their place of study or training. Further an application is possible in the appropriate branches for language training and in the test centers over registration forms on-line or by E-Mail.

Costs for the TOEIC English Test

The cost of the TOEIC Test English is within a limit of 100 Euro to 150 Euro as a test fee. For the creation of the certificate there are 15 Euro. A TOEIC 4 Skills Test costs 175 Euro, the TOEIC Bridge Test around 85 Euro.

TOEIC test preparation via online course

TOEIC Provider

Meanwhile there is an abundance at offerers for the TOEIC test English in Germany and abroad. A detailed list of the providers can be found at A further well-known offerer is the Web college in North Rhine-Westphalia under

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