Many people already have language skills in French. However, the ability to speak French varies from person to person. In order to obtain a realistic assessment and compensate for deficits, a language test certified according to CEFR is useful. The CEIBT Language Diploma certifies the current level of language after a course and a subsequent examination. A placement test such as the CEIBT French helps interested parties of different ages to obtain the desired assessments. Under this condition, it is quickly possible to obtain an indication of current language skills in French. The participants can be assigned to the levels beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Levels of the CEIBT

The CEIBT French language test is still subject to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The uniform levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 are characteristic of the test. Level A0 is chosen for learning the basic knowledge of French.

A1 and A2 are the appropriate levels for people with basic language skills. B1 and B2 are for people who are already at an advanced level. If you can speak, listen and write French professionally, you should choose levels C1 and C2.

Target groups of the CEIBT

The CEIBT test is aimed mainly at professionals whose workplace is in France or who wish to apply to a French company or university. The minimum age is indicated as 16 years. This means that young adults can also consider taking the CEIBT test. Testing and evaluation are carried out according to the regulations of the CEFR and the Centre international d’etudes pedagogiques.

Advantages of the CEIBT

The advantages of the test are independent verification and unlimited validity. Some of the certificates acquired are even recognized worldwide for enrollment in a university and are comparable to other language diplomas due to their uniform structure. The choice of level is free for each candidate.

Goals of the CEIBT

The learning objectives of the test focus on reading and listening comprehension in French and the confident use of vocabulary in expression, spelling and grammar.

CEBIT Examinations

The test contents refer to varying competence levels. The classic test structure is based on a written and an oral part. The written part tests listening comprehension, understanding of a read text and written expression when writing. The examination tasks depend on the type of the level aimed at.

  • The test duration for the A1 test is about 85 minutes to 100 minutes (60 minutes in writing)
  • for CEIBT A2 between 170 minutes and 340 minutes (written 60 minutes).
  • In categories B1 and B2, the examination time for B1 is 400 minutes to 600 minutes, for B2 about 700 minutes and for writing 160 minutes each.
  • For the C1 CEIBT certificate, an exam duration of approximately 800 minutes to 1000 minutes (210 minutes in writing) and for C2 1200 minutes (300 minutes in writing) should be scheduled.

Cost of the CEIBT

Independent online CEIBT tests are usually free of charge and can be taken from home. On site at a test center, the test costs amount to about 40 to 140 Euros.

Online preparation courses for the CEIBT

Registration for the CEIBT

To register for the CEIBT, you can contact a certified test provider. In some cases, the test can also be performed directly online.

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