Participation in the globally recognized DELF language test is an excellent opportunity to expand your language skills in French and get certified. The DELF test, with its various levels, is particularly ideal for non-native speakers. That is why it is used by many people who want to learn French as a second or foreign language.

Levels of the DELF

The levels of the DELF French test are based on the scientifically based provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference. For general French use, tests A1 and A2 are recommended. The B1 and B2 exams are advantageous for the independent acquisition of the French language. For example, the DELF scolaire is available for school students and the DELF Junior for young candidates.

Target groups of the DELF

Different age groups and groups of people come into question as target groups for the test. These are schoolchildren and adults (DELF tout public and DELF junior) as well as teachers and students in the Abitur (DELF scolaire).

Advantages of the DELF

Positive aspects of the DELF test are the standardization of the certificate levels with A1 to B2 as well as C1 and C2 according to the GER. The diploma enjoys worldwide acceptance and is advantageous for a study or vocational training application.

Goals of the DELF

The main learning objectives of the DELF test are language skills in French for general or colloquial use, for study and for work. Both oral language skills and writing are therefore tested.

DELF Examinations

A1 + A2 Prüfungen

In general, all DELF tests contain listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking in different time frames. The special contents of the tests at reference level A1 include listening comprehension and filling out a questionnaire over a period of 1 hour 30 minutes. Oral expression and speaking are assessed within 5 minutes.

The 100-minute A2 DELF French test is about reading, written expression and listening comprehension. A 10-minute oral language test concludes.

B1 + B2 Exams

The B1 test is also taken during the 100-minute exam. However, the oral part is a little longer with 15 minutes.

The B2 level of the test in French represents an improvement. Within a period of 2 hours and 30 minutes, the focus is on the written part of the exam. Oral tests take place for 20 minutes.

Registration of the DELF

You can register for the test in Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main as well as in the international examination centers. The specified registration form is common. Otherwise, you can register on site, online or by phone.

Cost of the DELF

Those who opt for the DELF scolaire test should expect about 22 euros in level A1 and around 50 euros in level A2. DELF tout public costs from 60 euros to 110 euros, depending on the difficulty of the exam. However, there are also reduced prices.

DELF test preparation via online courses

Provider of the DELF

There are providers of the test in Germany and abroad. In France, Le CIEP devient France Education also offers the DELF test.

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