The Austrian Language Diploma for the German Language or ÖSD is offered by the Association Austrian Language Diploma German. The acquired German skills can be used as a second or foreign language. Interested parties are children, young people and adults.

Levels of the ÖSD

The levels of the ÖSD German to CEFR include several exams. These include the tests A1 and A2 for basic language use, B1 and B2 for independent use of German and C1 and C2 as a form of improvement for competent language use.

Target groups of the ÖSD

The ÖSD Test Deutsch has been developed for different age and person groups, for example migrants and future students and trainees.

Advantages of the ÖSD

The advantages of the ÖSD test are the attainment of various need-based certificates and the standardized test requirements. Furthermore, an ÖSD certificate is internationally recognized. It provides the language requirements for university studies, the Abitur and entry into the job market. ÖSD works with an examination pass limit (maximum points) at A1 and A2 and with a semi-module examination design. Flexible participation is possible in 4 examination periods per year.

Goals of the ÖSD

The learning objectives of the tests are basic foreign language skills in listening, writing and reading comprehension. Productive practical skills include conversation with one or more people in German. Interaction skills and the ability to write texts in German are also learned. The focus is on structural grammatical, phonological, lexical and semantic learning content.

Die ÖSD Examinations

ÖSD examinations in German can be taken at the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 as well as in sub-units. All examinations are based on oral and written tests. Written tests precede the oral tests.

A1 + A2 Exam

The written examination of the ÖSD A1 Zertifikat Deutsch includes reading and listening as well as writing in an examination time of 65 minutes. The 10-minute oral exam is exclusively about speaking.

The duration of the written examination for the A2 certificate is 75 minutes and 10 minutes for the oral part.

B1 + B2 Exam

The ÖSD Certificate B1 includes the written exam with reading and using language modules, listening and writing. Speaking is tested orally as a pair or individual test. The written examination lasts 160 minutes. For the oral examination 15 minutes are scheduled.

C1 + C2 Exam

The written part of ÖSD C1 lasts 220 minutes without a break. The oral examination is 15 minutes long. The test consists of reading tasks and texts, listening, writing and speaking. The examination regulations are also standardized for all special levels such as A1 KID, A2 KID or the ÖSD Zertifikat C2 Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch.

Registration for the ÖSD

Registration for the test can be done online at the Language Center of the University of Vienna on the corresponding website, by email, in writing or by phone in the secretary’s office. Please note the valid registration periods.

Costs are caused by the fees to be paid for the written and oral part examinations. Registration is free of charge.

ÖSD test preparation via online courses

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