The Certificazione dell‘ Italiano Commerciale learning course with exam and final certificate is an ideal way to obtain up-to-date proof of existing language skills in Italian. Above all, in order to progress in school or professionally, the diploma has become indispensable. For this reason, the number of adult participants increases from year to year. The certification of the Certificazione dell‘ Italiano Commerciale Italian refers to the intermediate and advanced levels. The focus of the certificate is on business Italian. Some previous knowledge is therefore ideal.

Levels of the CIC

At the B1 level, candidates already have a good command of Italian. The contents of the levels correspond to those of the uniform provisions of the CEFR for Business Italian. The CIC is divided into CIC intermedio B1 and CIC avanzato C1.

Target groups of the CIC

The target group of the test are language enthusiasts who want to move or expand their professional field to Italy. The Certificazione dell‘ Italiano Commerciale is also recommended for people who want to enhance their application to a secondary school, university or a specific company. Students and future teachers can also complete the certificate.

Advantages of the CIC

The CIC is a language diploma in Business Italian, which is relatively new and therefore very modern. The certificate was developed by the same institutions as the high quality CELI language diploma. The test is therefore in line with the latest standards of language learning and includes the levels Intermediate B1 and Advanced C1.

Goals of the CIC

The learning objectives of the Certificazione dell‘ Italiano Commerciale for those who do not speak Italian as their mother tongue are to master the Italian language at an advanced level and to understand it. Furthermore, the learner should be able to extract information from a text and follow a conversation in Italian.

CIC Examinations

The test contents can be compared with those of CELI 3 at the CIC intermedio and with those of CELI 4 at the CIC avanzato. The basis of the test is the written examination in combination with the oral examination. Written tests include the 30-minute listening and 45-minute reading comprehension as well as the written expression (20 minutes) and linguistic skills, including grammar (20 minutes). After the candidates have completed the different multi-choice question complexes (usually 40 questions), they write a business document in the written part. This can be a form, a business letter, an application or any other text product from business or commerce. The duration of the written test is 100 minutes.

Orally, the focus is on the conversation within a time limit of about 30 minutes. With the C1 the text understanding test lasts 60 minutes, the hearing understanding test 30 minutes. This is followed by the grammar and vocabulary section (text completion at 35 minutes) and text production at 90 minutes. The oral exam lasts 15 minutes.

Cost of the CIC

The costs for the Certificazione dell‘ Italiano Commerciale are not always the same. On average they are around 102 euros. The fees vary according to the type of course (single or double). 20 hours of lessons cost about 470 euros plus the registration fee.

Online preparation courses for the CIC

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Registration for the CIC

To register for the CIC, you can contact a certified testing provider.

Shortly suppliers of the CIC will be presented here.

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