Completing a foreign language at an individual level with a diploma is possible with the Certificazione di italiano come lingua straniera. The levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages include the lower, intermediate and advanced levels. For this reason, the Certificazione di italiano come lingua straniera has a wide range of target groups. Individual levels enjoy a high reputation and unrestricted acceptance at Italian universities and colleges due to the legally stipulated certification. The Italian test is internationally recognized.

Levels of the CILS

The levels of difficulty of the CILS of the University of Siena are declared according to the levels Basic I with A1 and Basic II with A2. The Intermediate I and II levels are B1 and B2 respectively. The highest levels, the upper levels I and II, are divided into C1 and C2.

Target groups of the CILS

The Certificazione di italiano come lingua straniera is often taken by participants who want to work in Italian companies or plan to study at one of the famous universities or colleges. Candidates for the exam are therefore young adults and professionals. Foreign and non-Italian citizens living in Italy can also take the tests.

Advantages of the CILS

The advantages of the test are based on its worldwide validity and recognition as well as on the inclusion of a wide range of different groups of people. Furthermore, the test is carried out according to uniform regulations, which is important for fairness and quality.

Goals of the CILS

The learning objectives of the test, which is aimed at evaluating the Italian language skills, are the expansion and optimization of the vocabulary. The refreshing of existing language skills in Italian and the consolidation of previous knowledge are further requirements for learning.

CILS Examinations

All test contents, which are prepared by the Centro Certificazione dell Universita per Stranieri di Siena, are uniformly graded and structured.

The CILS levels A 1 and A2 exams take a total of 2 hours with oral (10 minutes) and written tests (maximum 2 hours 15 minutes).
A2 includes the oral part of speaking (10 minutes) and the written test (reading comprehension, text production, listening comprehension) with a maximum of 2 hours 45 minutes.
The B1 exam consists of the written part (3 hours 45 minutes) and the conversation in Italian (10 minutes).
B2 takes only 5 minutes longer than B1 for the listening and reading comprehension and the writing section with 3 hours 45 minutes. The conversation is 10 minutes longer than the exam.
For those interested in the C1 level test, there is a written exam with 4 hours 40 minutes and a conversation with 15 minutes.
With C2 (in the written part 3 hours 45 minutes) and the oral test (15 minutes) the highest level is reached.

Cost of the CILS

The costs of the Certificazione di italiano come lingua straniera are listed by level. Levels A1 and A2 cost 50 Euro each, B1 and B1 with citizenship 100 Euro each. You should expect to pay 135 euros for the C1 exam and about 160 euros for the C2 level certificate.

Online preparation courses for the CILS

Registration for the CILS

To register for the CILS, you can contact a certified testing provider.

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