Mastering a foreign language such as Portuguese is not only advantageous during a vacation, but currently even for an immigration or professional career. For these reasons, many institutions and examination centers offer the possibility of a DAPLE Certificate in Portuguese. The diploma, designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, serves as a recognized certificate for certain individual language skills. Typical for the Diploma Avancado de Portugues Lingua Estrangeira are also the structures according to CEFR.

Levels of the DAPLE

The levels of the CEFR play a central role in DAPLE Text Portuguese. The test corresponds to CEFR level C1 in terms of its structure, content, implementation and assessment.

Target groups of the DAPLE

Since the focus of the DAPLE Portuguese language test is mainly on the linguistic communication of several people among themselves, previous language skills should already be present. For the exam, therefore, the participants have already mastered the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. The DAPLE is suitable for young adults and people who would like to speak Portuguese for a professional career, training, studies or a private stay. Excluded are participants whose native language is Spanish or European or Brazilian Portuguese.

Advantages of the DAPLE

Beim DAPLE Zertifikat Portugiesisch handelt es sich um das sogenannte europäische Portugiesisch. Positiv ist die Vereinheitlichung des gesamten Prüfungsverfahrens sowie die genaue Abstimmung der Lerninhalte auf die Voraussetzungen der Sprachbegeisterten. Der DAPLE Test Portugiesisch ist außerdem ideal als Weiterbildung zum Erlernen und Vervollkommnen der Fremdsprache.

Goals of the DAPLE

The objectives of the C1 Portuguese test are primarily focused on comprehension and articulation in Portuguese. However, the optimization of oral and written expression as well as listening and reading comprehension in European Portuguese are also key points. Compensating for existing deficits in pronunciation is also one of the objectives of DAPLE Portuguese.

DAPLE Examinations

With a total time of about six hours, which includes written comprehension (60 minutes), written expression (90 minutes), structuring a text (60 minutes), as well as oral comprehension with listening and reading comprehension (40 minutes) and speaking (20 minutes), the DAPLE test is a particularly time-consuming procedure. The duration and content of the test place high demands on the participants. This procedure is justified by the fact that the DAPLE Diploma Portuguese can already be regarded as a certificate for advanced learners. The modules, which build on each other, require, for example, a strong command of the language and in-depth knowledge of Portuguese. The candidates also understand demanding text passages and know traditional idioms. They also master pronunciation.

Costs for the DAPLE

The cost of obtaining a DAPLE European Portuguese Diploma varies. These costs depend on the location and type of the examination center and on how the examination is conducted. The fees therefore vary within a limit between 140 Euro and 350 Euro. Both German and Portuguese providers (University of Lisbon) usually provide catalogs to interested parties in which the prices for the respective courses and tests are itemized in detail.

Registration for the DAPLE

Registration for the DAPLE is done via certified test providers.

Shortly, providers of the DAPLE will be presented here.

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