In addition to language certificates in Russian, English and French, many examination centers and schools also offer diplomas for the Portuguese language. The DEPLE language test is particularly well known, which is characterized by a relatively compact structure. The internationally accepted DEPLE Portuguese Language Test is mainly conducted at the University of Lisbon. DEPLE means Diploma Elementar de Protugues Lingua Estrangeira and is structured according to the provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Levels of the DEPLE

As DEPLE is the basic certificate for the foreign language Portuguese, it corresponds to level B1 of the CEFR. For this reason, the examination can be taken not only in Lisbon, but even in Germany. The test contents for the assessment of written and oral expression as well as listening and reading comprehension are designed according to the guidelines of the levels. Candidates take part in special courses before the test, which are precisely tailored to the examination requirements. In addition to distance learning, there are direct courses at several institutes in Germany and abroad. All are based on the guidelines of the CEFR.

Target groups of the DEPLE

First and foremost, the DEPLE Portuguese Certificate is adapted to the language needs of foreigners and immigrants respectively. However, interested parties who would like to study or work in Portuguese-speaking countries can also use this diploma for further education. The certificate is therefore also an ideal prerequisite for studying abroad or for a career. DEPLE is not suitable for people whose national language is Spanish.

Advantages of the DEPLE

A great advantage of the test is its international recognition by educational institutions as well as small and large companies. Therefore the value of the certificate is high. The enormous number of learning modules is to be emphasized. The entire procedure corresponds exactly to the respective needs of the participants, which also guarantees a high success rate.

Goals of the DEPLE

The DEPLE Diploma Portuguese builds on the reference levels A1 and A2. The main focus of the course is on developing and consolidating the existing language skills. In addition, learning objectives such as getting to know new words as well as grammatical and expression-related rules are included. These should be optimized for oral communication in everyday life, at work and in school situations.

DEPLE Examinations

The test contents look like this: Reading comprehension 30 minutes, written test for expression 60 minutes, listening comprehension 40 minutes and oral test 20 minutes. In total, the DEPLE language test takes about 3 hours. The participants master different test areas. These include expression, written and oral comprehension. Examples of test content include reading and understanding a menu or letter and using language in the workplace. It is also important to be able to understand the core statements of press reports or daily information. The focus is also on the understanding of speech, even at the doctor’s office or in a public authority.

Cost of the DEPLE

Depending on the performing institute, the costs per candidate range from 82 Euro to 250 Euro. Under certain circumstances, interested parties can apply for financial support in the form of a grant.

Registration for the DEPLE

Registration for the DEPLE is done via certified test providers.

Shortly, suppliers of the DEPLE will be presented here.

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