More and more people today, for various reasons, strive to learn a foreign language and to prove their language skills with a certificate. This also applies to Portuguese. Today it is possible to obtain the DIPLE Certificate Portuguese at several training and examination centers. DIPLE is the Diploma intermedio de Protugues Lingua Estrangeira. It is only one of several diplomas for all levels of the CEFR, and the basic principle is the application of the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This is an important prerequisite for the high value of the certificate.

Levels of the DIPLE

B2 is the special level at which the DIPLE Test is aimed. The content and organization of the level has been precisely structured according to the scientifically based guidelines of the CEFR. It contains didactically selected modules that relate to the content to be taught at level B2 and the individual language ability of the learners.

Target groups of the DIPLE

The DIPLE certificate Portuguese is designed for target groups who do not speak either the Portuguese or the Spanish national language. This mainly concerns immigrants and foreigners who for private or professional reasons want to live or work in a Portuguese-speaking part of the country. But also prospective foreign students and trainees abroad benefit from the DIPLE Diploma in a standardized way.

Advantages of the DIPLE

The most important advantages of the test are the test levels that are tailored to personal needs and previous knowledge. Furthermore, the DIPLE certificate enjoys international acceptance and appreciation. There is no „failing“ in the exams, because several repetitions are possible. The tests are evaluated fairly and precisely according to the CEFR.

Goals of the DIPLE

The learning objectives of the test are essentially about refreshing language knowledge and consolidating what has already been learned. In addition, new words are learned, pronunciation is improved, and comprehension and understanding are promoted. Vocabulary expands and communication skills reach a higher level.

DIPLE Examinations

The test content of the B2 DIPLE Portuguese is initially the written comprehension test (including reading and listening comprehension). This section takes about 45 minutes. This is followed by the test in which the candidates deal with written expression. A time window of 1 hour 45 minutes is given. For the test of skills in the implementation of linguistic structures (spelling, grammar, idioms), 45 minutes are set aside. Two candidates at the same time take a further test for written expression in 20 minutes. The DIPLE Certificate Portuguese is concluded with the oral comprehension and articulation test, which lasts 40 minutes.

Cost of the DIPLE

The cost of the test depends on several aspects. On the one hand, it depends on whether the diploma is taken in Germany or in Portugal. Also the fee schedule of the examination center is decisive. Many participants take advantage of the opportunity to make a financial contribution to the costs by submitting an application. Who decides to the DIPLE proof Portuguese, which should count on financial expenditures from 65 euro to 300 euro (iberika test center).

Registration for the DIPLE

To register for the DIPLE, you can contact a certified test provider.

Shortly at this place offerers of the DIPLE are presented.

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