The DUPLE certificate is only one of several diplomas recognized as proof of a sound knowledge of the Portuguese language. Participants who have acquired the language certificate can use it to pursue their profession or study in Portugal or in a Portuguese-speaking country. The Diploma Universitario de Portzgues Lingua Estrangeira C2 is associated with the highest level possible according to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Such a diploma can be considered as language training, because it is based on modules and difficulty levels that build on each other.

Levels of the DUPLE

With the DUPLE Portuguese the level C2 according to GER is reached. C2 represents the maximum level of difficulty and is therefore based on demanding, extensive tests. At its core, it is about knowledge of Portuguese that can be put into practice with ease and without difficulty, regardless of the subject and situation.

Target group of the DUPLE

The target group of the language certificate for foreign languages with university acceptance are students and applicants who do not speak Portuguese or Spanish as their mother tongue. The same applies to those who are looking for a job or who come to the country as immigrants. Applicants must be 14 years old and not from a country where Portuguese is the main language.

Advantages of the DUPLE

The DUPLO Portuguese is a perfect foundation for communicating in Portuguese at work or study. In particular, European Portuguese is taught and tested, which also has an important meaning in everyday life.

Goals of the DUPLE

The learning objectives of the DUPLE language certificate are to conduct conversations in near-perfect Portuguese, including correct pronunciation and traditional idioms. In addition, graduates should be able to understand and produce Portuguese technical texts. The course also aims at participating in discussions in the Portuguese national language.

DUPLE Examinations

Portuguese language certificates like the DUPLE contain content selected and checked by native speakers. The exam content is therefore based on special elements that are of a high standard. With a total time limit of about seven hours, the test makes exactly the right demands on advanced learners or on participants who also want to master business Portuguese. The core elements of the test are also in the C2 reading and listening comprehension as well as the ability to express oneself in writing, the so-called creative competence and the conduct of a conversation (oral expression).

Reading comprehension (75 minutes) involves reading and understanding technical papers and documents. Writing comprehension is tested after text production by means of a dictation and the writing of a report or a technical instruction (75 minutes). Afterwards, the candidates create a thematically specified text with a focus on idiomatic segments and idioms (75 minutes design competence). Listening comprehension includes understanding and the ability to evaluate presentations, media contributions and technical discussions (40 minutes). Within 20 minutes, comprehension of speech is demonstrated through participation in discussions and meetings.

Costs for the DUPLE

The average cost of the DUPLE Test Portuguese is about 125 Euro. However, there are also providers whose fees (at 400 Euro) are much higher.

Registration for the DUPLE

The registration for the DUPLE is done by certified test providers.

Shortly, suppliers of the DUPLE will be presented here.

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