The European Language Certificates – that is the portfolio of Telc GmbH. To obtain a language diploma in one of the 10 languages offered by Telc, interested parties can also apply for Russian. A wide range of age groups and groups of people expand and consolidate their language skills with Telc for Russian. The Telc Test for Russian is internationally recognized.

Levels of the TELC

The respective levels of the Telc test correspond to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The levels are therefore divided into Level A for elementary language use, Level B for independent language use and Level C for competent language use. In each level there are 6 additional subcategories such as A1, B2 or C1.

Target groups of the TELC

The Telc Test is designed primarily for pupils aged 10 and 12, young students, migrants of various ages, professionals and teachers of Russian. The Telc Test Russian is ideal for people who are not native speakers of Russian.

Advantages of the TELC

The Telc Test is a certification according to uniform guidelines of the CEFR. This guarantees high quality and international comparability of the language test. Furthermore, these conditions guarantee an objective assessment for all participants with the same evaluation criteria.

Goals of the TELC

The learning objectives of the Telc Test Russian consist of global, detailed and selective reading comprehension as well as grammar testing with communicative and situational language use. Furthermore, the listening comprehension test, writing and speaking in Russian are central objectives.

TELC Examinations

For testing general and advanced language skills, different test contents at different levels are necessary.

A1 + A2 Examination

If you want to take the Telc Test Russian in category A1, you need relatively simple language skills. These are tested with regard to the use of grammatical and semantic language elements, situational language use, and listening and reading comprehension. This test level takes 70 minutes including the oral part.

The test in Telc Russian A2 comprises 80 minutes of tests on vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension and situational spontaneous responses as well as reading comprehension and written expression.

B1 + B2 Examination

In level B1, a written examination of 2 hours duration and a 20-minute oral examination are held. The written part includes reading comprehension, the use of certain language modules, written expression and understanding listening. The oral exam includes speaking. The same applies to the B2 examination at the correspondingly higher level.

C1 + C2 Examination

The aim of the C1 and C2 exam is to express yourself spontaneously and fluently. You will be familiarized with colloquial phrases and should be able to vary your language style. A high degree of grammatical correctness is expected.

The exam for C1 consists of a written and an oral part. The written exam lasts 3 hours and 40 minutes. There is a 20 minute preparation time before the oral exam. It can take place on the day of the written exam or on another day.

The C2 exam expects a fluent and spontaneous use of language and expression. Errors should occur only rarely. The exam lasts 4 hours and 10 minutes. The oral part is organized in the same way as the C1 exam.

Registration for the TELC

Registration for the test can be done directly on the Homepage of the Telc GmbH, by fax, telephone, in person or by using the registration form. A registration in Germany and abroad can also be realized via the various providers.

Cost of the TELC

To define the cost of the Telc test for Russian, it is important to know the type of certificate. Depending on the test there are different prices. On average, costs range from 40 Euro to 140 Euro. The B1 test costs about 30 to 40 Euro, the C1 Telc Test Russian about 70 Euro.

TELC Russian test preparation via online course

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