The Russian language is still of great importance internationally. If you want to learn Russian as a foreign language, you can do this with a language test including a certificate. The TRKI language certificate enjoys unrestricted international acceptance. It meets the levels and the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Levels of the TRKI

The basic level of the test according to CEFR is A with A1 (elementary language knowledge) and A2 (basic level). Difficulty level B includes B1 and B2 (independent language use). The advanced level C consists of C1 and C2 (competent language skills). With the TRKI Russian, the participants of the course acquire an officially valid certificate of their individual language skills in Russian.

Target groups of the TRKI

Target groups of the test are pupils, prospective students and already students as well as immigrants, working people and foreign language teachers.

Advantages of the TRKI

The first advantage of the TRKI Russian test is its objectivity and comparability. The second advantage is its worldwide recognition. And third, this language diploma is also offered in Germany.

Goals of the TRKI

The learning objectives of the test include various modules. These components should be mastered as well as possible and combined in speaking and writing. Topics to be learned are grammar and vocabulary, spelling, articulation and comprehension.

TRKI Examinations

During the certificate exam A1 (3.5 hours), the focus is on achieving the best results in listening comprehension (30 minutes), reading comprehension (50 minutes) and writing (written expression 50 minutes). The oral test with conversation takes about 30 minutes.

Level A2 also takes 3.5 hours. Included are listening comprehension (35 minutes) and reading comprehension of a text followed by questions on several topics (50 minutes). During a test period of 60 minutes, written expression is tested while writing a text. Speaking is scheduled for 25 minutes.

Also 3.5 hours of language exam level B1. The exam procedure includes tests for spelling and grammar (90 minutes), understanding reading (60 minutes) and understanding listening (40 embedded). After the Written Expression Test (55 minutes), speaking (25 minutes) concludes the exam.

In C1 the participants provide the following services: Grammar and vocabulary test (90 minutes) and reading and listening comprehension (60 minutes and 30 minutes respectively). Students have 60 minutes for a text production with an emphasis on written expression. Conversation in Russian takes about 25 minutes.

C2 with 3.5 hours is structured as follows First, the grammar and vocabulary test is begun, for which there is 60 minutes time. This is followed by the test reading comprehension with 60 minutes. The listening comprehension test with 50 minutes and the written expression test with 80 minutes completes the exam. 100 questions in Russian are answered in 45 minutes in the Oral Expression section.

Costs for the TRKI

The cost of the test depends on the level. Levels A1 and A2 cost 55 euros, B1 60 euros and B2 65 euros. The test for C1 costs 75 Euro, C2 about 80 Euro.

TRKI Test Preparation via Online Course

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Registration for the TRKI

To register for TRKI, you can contact a certified test provider.

Shortly suppliers of the TRKI will be presented here.

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