Currently, Spanish is provided by many certified providers of the CEC (Certificado de Español Comercial). This language test with certificate of Business Spanish has several advantages for the participants. Not only do they benefit from the uniform, well-founded implementation and assessment. Above all, the aspect of international recognition of the CEC language test is important. The CEC language certificate is easily recognized, especially by Spanish-speaking companies. The prerequisite for this is a uniform, standardized concept in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It contains the different levels and clearly defines the requirements for the examinee from very different age groups and groups of people.

Levels of the CEC Test

The CEC Spanish Language Test is one of the most important language tests for business Spanish. The focus is on level B2, the content of which is clearly defined by the CEFR. The diploma certifies the graduates of the examination which language skills they possess in Spanish.

Target groups of the CEC Test

The target group of the Certificado de Espanol Commercial of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry are people who are in professional life and can already demonstrate a basic knowledge of Spanish. You need a certificate for the current, perfected language level Business according to B2 in order to progress professionally or personally. The CEC is also ideal for students and trainees. Immigrants who want to gain a professional foothold can also register for the CEC Test Spanish. Only Spanish citizens who speak the native language are excluded.

Advantages of the CEC Test

A CEC certificate can be prepared by combining a direct course with a language course or by a distance learning course. The evaluation of the tests is precise and according to uniform criteria. There is no „failing“. The CEC Spanish Diploma is an ideal opportunity to measure and develop your language skills.

Goals of the CEC

The learning objectives of the Business Language Test CEC are an extension of the existing individual language skills as well as already passed language tests. All learning units at level B2 include the learning of grammar, pronunciation, spelling and expression. The B2 level requires additional business knowledge as well as specialized knowledge (business correspondence, negotiations, basic business vocabulary), which must be included in the language course.

CEC Examination

The CEC language diploma can currently only be taken in Germany. The contents of the exams are written and oral. The written section of the Spanish language certificate concludes the language skills in writing and reading as well as in listening comprehension. The oral part concludes with a focus on speaking with the correct intonation.

The following four subject areas are specified as test contents. The reading comprehension test is set at 70 minutes. The written expression part of the written communication test is 80 minutes long.

The second part is about listening comprehension with a time limit of 40 minutes. Also required is the completion of tasks of speaking in Spanish for oral expression within a 20-minute examination period.

Costs of the CEC Test

The average cost of the test ranges from 1,730 Euro to about 2,200 Euro for a distance learning course, including the examination fee.

Online preparation courses for the CEC Test

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