Spanish certificates as proof of the degree of mastery of the language are not only becoming increasingly popular. They are also a necessity for personal and social development. The DEC or „Diploma de Espanol Comercial“ is focused on business Spanish. Building on the CEC, the „Certificado Espanol Comercial“ or CEC, the DEC certificate certifies the mastery of Business Spanish at the level of C1 and C2. Based on the standardized guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the certificate serves as an internationally comprehensible classification.

Levels of the DEC Test

Students who wish to take the DEC Spanish language test should choose level C1 or C2. These levels are in accordance with the CEFR’s standardization. Among the local Spanish speaking companies, the DEC at this level enjoys a high level of acceptance.

Target groups of the DEC Test

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s test is aimed at anyone whose native language is not Spanish. Advanced previous knowledge is useful. The Business Spanish Certificate is therefore suitable for professionals, freelancers, immigrants with vocational training and students.

Advantages of the DEC Test

The DEC Spanish Test is based on a compact language learning package that can be regarded as further education. The DEC Test is ideal for expert testing and certification. In addition, the DEC Spanish Language and Performance Test is one of the internationally proven and comparable diplomas with an exact performance evaluation.

Goals of the DEC Test

The learning objectives of the test are demanding. Characteristic for the courses and the preparation is the further acquisition of specific Spanish language skills as well as general knowledge about the economy and politics of Spain. The focus is of course on specialized business topics, which the participants should speak freely about during the test.

DEC Examinations

The general test content is first of all reading and understanding what you have read, listening to essays in Spanish, and implementing Spanish vocabulary, including grammar, spelling and expression. Free speaking in Spanish is also required.

The requirements build on the existing language skills of advanced learners. The exam is in two parts. Written communication (80 minutes) refers to the writing of an essay on a regional topic. Also in Spanish, proof of reading and listening comprehension (90 minutes and 50 minutes respectively) in the fields of law, economics and politics is required. These tests also assess the ability to use the language skills. The test takers use idioms and certain phrases typical of the language and make confident use of their Spanish language skills.

Oral examination (20 minutes) will only take place if the written part has been passed. Participants are asked to take part in an interview in which they talk about the country’s typical politics, culture, economy or current affairs in Spanish. The focus here is on oral expression.

Costs of the DEC Test

The cost of the test for the exam includes an exam fee of about 300 Euro. There are also examination centers that offer the DEC Spanish for 100 euros to 250 euros (also with subsidies). In distance learning, the total costs amount to approximately 2,200 euros, depending on the provider prices.

DEC test preparation via online courses

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Registration for the DEC

Registration for the DEC is usually done through the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and its representatives. However, the test is also carried out by certified test providers. Often, private educational providers also offer corresponding preparatory courses.

Shortly suppliers of the DEC will be presented here.

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