For all language enthusiasts who focus on Spanish, the DELE language test with accompanying diploma is a welcome option to test your current language skills. It certifies the level of language knowledge as well as the competence level. Not all candidates have the same language level. Therefore, the DELE Spanish language test is divided into six varying reference levels. These can be chosen on a voluntary basis. The DELE Spanish Diploma is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This results in numerous advantages that are tailored to the needs and individual wishes of the participants.

Levels of the DELE

The successive levels of the test according to CEFR are divided into A1 and A2, B1 and B2 as well as C1 and C2 for beginners (intermediate level) and advanced learners. Combinations of levels and are possible.

Target groups of the DELE

The DELE Spanish language course is advantageous for different groups of people and ages. The target groups of the test are students and teenagers who want to study as well as working adults. The DELE is ideal for students who want to improve and consolidate their Spanish language skills.

Advantages of the DELE

The main advantages of the DELE diploma are its worldwide acceptance and its implementation according to the CEFR. The language diplomas are valid indefinitely. They serve as prerequisites for access to professional and academic fields.

Goals of the DELE

Learning goals of the test are focused on following and leading everyday conversations, understanding informative media, explaining personal opinions and participating in conversations.

DELE Examinations

The test contents at level A1 are reading comprehension (45 minutes), listening comprehension (20 minutes), written expression (25 minutes) and oral expression (15 minutes).

At levels A2 and B1, the examiners have 50 minutes for reading comprehension, 30 minutes for listening comprehension and 50 minutes for writing. For the test „Oral Expression“ 15 and for B1 20 minutes are given.

Level B2 includes reading comprehension (70 minutes), listening comprehension (40 minutes), written expression (80 minutes), speech application and listening comprehension (50 minutes).

Level B2 includes reading comprehension (70 minutes), listening comprehension (40 minutes), written expression (? 80 minutes), speech application and listening comprehension (50 minutes).

At level C2 as a further increase, 105 minutes are granted for reading comprehension and use of the language (several reading exercises, filling in cloze texts according to the multi-choice pattern.

Costs for the DELE

The cost of the test differs according to the provider and according to the tests. For example, A1 costs 126 Euro for students, B1 and A2/B1 149 Euro. For all other language enthusiasts, the costs range from 137 Euro to 210 Euro, with discounts available under certain conditions. A DELE Diploma Spanish can be partially subsidized by covering the costs. This also applies to C1 with costs of 221 Euro and C2 with 226 Euro. The examination centers in Germany and abroad will gladly provide information about current prices.

DELE test preparation via online courses

Registration for the DELE

The Instituto Cervantes (organ of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport) is responsible for the allocation and organization of the DELE tests. However, there are also numerous private providers such as language schools where you can register and take the test. Often there are also preparation courses offered for the respective level.

Shortly, providers of the DELE will be presented here.

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