TELC or The European Language Certifcates imply language diplomas that focus on European languages. In order to obtain a TELC language certificate in Spanish, students must take the corresponding exams. Standardized guidelines of the CEFR are the basis for all tests. A TELC Spanish language certificate is recognized by numerous educational institutions such as universities and colleges as well as the national chambers of commerce and industry.

Levels of the TELC Spanish Test

Based on the provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the language test TELC Spanish is subject to the valid levels A1, A2, B2 and especially for students the levels A2, B2 and B1.

Target groups of the TELC Spanish Test

Target groups of the test are primarily immigrants as well as pupils, students, pensioners and working people who want to learn Spanish as a second or foreign language and would like to have a certificate to prove this. The TELC Test Spanish is therefore available to many age and person groups.

Advantages of the TELC Spanish Test

By successfully completing the TELC Spanish Test, a globally accepted language diploma is obtained. The defined levels guarantee a constant quality of learning. The TELC Test Spanish is tailored to the most diverse individual needs and requirements.

Goals of the TELC Spanish Test

The learning objectives of the test relate to grammar and vocabulary as well as listening and reading comprehension. Written expression and speaking are also at the forefront.

TELC Examinations

A1 + A2 Exams

Der TELC Test Spanisch A1 hat einen mündlichen und einen schriftlichen Teil. Schriftlich werden

Vocabulary and grammar 10 minutes,
Listening comprehension and situational answers 15 minutes,
Reading comprehension 30 minutes and
written expression tested for 15 minutes.

Niveaustufe A2 Prüfung umfasst

Writing vocabulary and grammar 15 minutes,
Listening comprehension and situational answers 20 minutes,
Reading comprehension 30 minutes and
written expression 15 minutes.

B1 + B2 Exams

For B1, basic knowledge of the Spanish language is already taken as a basis. The duration of the written test vocabulary, grammar and language modules is 90 minutes, listening comprehension 30 minutes, reading comprehension 30 minutes and written expression 30 minutes.

TELC Spanish B2 refers to general language skills. Written tests are 90 minutes for vocabulary and grammar, 20 minutes for listening comprehension and 30 minutes for written expression.

All oral tests last 15 minutes.

Registration for the TELC Test

The registration for the TELC Test Spanish can be done directly through TELC GmbH with headquarters in Frankfurt Main. Contacts online, personal completion of the registration form on site as well as application by e-mail and telephone are possible. Beyond the borders of Germany, applications can also be made at the nearly 3,000 examination centers.

Costs for the TELC Spanish Test

Currently, the TELC Spanish Test can be taken in 20 countries. The varying levels and prices in each country result in different costs. These vary between 40 Euros and 140 Euros. In addition, the financial expenses depend on whether a direct or distance learning course is chosen.

TELC Spanish Test Preparation Online Courses

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