Under the French name „Diplome de francais des affaires“, the DFA language test with associated diploma is offered to participants of different years of birth and interested groups. The basic principle for participation is the individual selection of a level that corresponds to the personal level of the language and the learning objective. The high value of the DFA test is guaranteed by the application of the scientifically based provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The DFA refers almost exclusively to business or business French.

Levels of the DFA

Usually there are three levels, each with two levels of difficulty. These include the levels A or A1 and A2 for the elementary use of French, the independent speaking B with B1 and B2 as well as the competent use of the French language under C with C1 and C2. The levels are based on the guidelines of the CEFR. The majority of the participants use the B2 test.

Target groups of the DFA

Due to the structure and learning content of the DFA Test, the diploma is primarily designed for professionals, freelancers and trainees who are older than 16 years of age. These candidates already have knowledge of French and are looking for a professional position in the French-speaking world. For many immigrants, the DFA test is a useful measure to help them integrate better.

Advantages of the DFA

The advantages of the standardized and subject-specific DFA Test French are obvious: unlimited validity and recognition by numerous institutions, higher education institutions and companies. The DFA serves as an additional proof of linguistic suitability for different industries, membership of organizations or application to offices.prachigen space. For many immigrants, the DFA test is a useful measure to help them integrate better.

Goals of the DFA

The learning objectives of the test have been developed with the aim of teaching specific grammar, correct spelling and action-oriented speaking. These concepts are extended by the awakening and consolidation of language competence and the schooling of language awareness with the focus on learning progress as soon as possible.

DFA Examinations

The test content of the DFA Diploma of Business French is based on written and listening comprehension and oral and written expression. It includes aspects such as specialist knowledge and knowledge of business processes, conducting business conversations and negotiations. The main focus is on the exam design according to the requirements of level B2.

  • The usual test procedure is a listening comprehension test (30 minutes),
  • Reading comprehension (60 minutes),
  • written expression (60 minutes) and
  • oral communication (30 minutes).

In detail, listening comprehension is about answering questions after listening to texts. Reading comprehension refers to the reading of texts and the subsequent processing of questions. The written expression is based on a personal discussion with a personal statement. A presentation and an account of the individual’s point of view on a topic are part of the oral test.

Cost of the DFA

Taking an exam once costs roughly between 120 Euro and 190 Euro. Exact information about the examination fees dependent on the test gives the offerers on request universities offer this diploma usually more inexpensive. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to cover the costs of the DFA Test French.

DFA test preparation via online courses

Registration for the DFA

To register for the DFA, you can contact the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There are also certified test providers at home and abroad.

Shortly, DFA providers will be presented here.

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