The Certificato di conoscenza della lingua Italiana is a language test that certifies the existence of a certain level of proficiency in the second or foreign language. Abbreviated as CELI, the test is conducted according to the competence levels of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework or CEFR for languages. Examination centers are usually special cultural and historical institutions in Italy. After an intensive period of preparation in the form of special language courses, the participants take the exams and receive a worldwide recognized certificate in Italian. The CELI language test with certificate is an ideal option for learning Italian. CELI is aimed at obtaining a language diploma in general Italian. The certificate is adapted to the needs of different age groups and groups of people.

Levels of the CELI

The levels of the test are divided into A1 to C2 according to the applicable guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These levels are designed to build on each other for beginners (A1 and A2), for intermediate knowledge of the Italian language (B1 and B2) and for advanced learners (C1 and C2). Reference Level A includes basic language use, Level B includes independent language use and Level C includes competent language use.

There are five types of exams from CELI 1 to CELI 5 plus CELI 5 DOC. CELI 1 stands for Level 1 with A1, CELI 2 for Level 2 with B1 and CELI 3 for Level 3 with B2. This is followed by the certificates CELI 4 for level 4 with C1 and CELI 5 for level 5 or C2. CELI 5 as an extension of Level 4 with C2 is designed for teachers of Italian language.

Target groups of the CELI

The target group of the test is primarily working people and already trained adult language enthusiasts. However, schoolchildren and immigrants can also be considered as a target group. In addition to the traditional and classical CELI Italian language diplomas, the language test can be used by immigrants, young people between 12 and 17 years of age and students. In order to be admitted to university and to work as a teacher, the CELI Test 3 must be taken.

Advantages of the CELI

The advantages of the CELI test are, first of all, the provision of certificates for different levels with comparability character. The CELI Italian Certificate is recognized in many universities and colleges with foreign students, as well as by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education. The Council of Europe also accepts the language diploma. The international acceptance and the overall concept according to the CEFR is also appreciated. All levels represent an increase in language skills.

Goals of the CELI

The carefully selected learning objectives of the traditional CELI test are to speak Italian at different levels, to communicate as fluently as possible and to conduct conversations. In addition to listening and reading comprehension, writing in Italian is also trained. Learning contents such as mastery of grammar and vocabulary, written and oral expression and spontaneous, situational speaking correspond to the contents of the exam.

CELI Examinations

The test contents of the Certificato di conoscenza della lingua Italiana are based on the exams for each level.

  • CELI 1 means that in a test time of 2 hours, text comprehension and production is tested. Other individual tests include the parts of listening comprehension (20 minutes) and the oral examination (10 minutes).
  • The CELI 2 is designed in such a way that within 2 hours, the examinee again deals with the topics of text comprehension (reading comprehension) and writing a text. This is followed by listening comprehension at 20 minutes and conversation in Italian at 10 minutes.
  • In addition to the test of text comprehension and writing skills with 135 minutes of time, CELI 3 is about speaking and listening comprehension with 45 minutes and 25 minutes respectively. This is followed by a 15-minute oral exam.
  • CELI 4 is scheduled with 165 minutes reading comprehension and text production, 75 minutes language proficiency test and 25 minutes listening comprehension test. The oral exam lasts 30 minutes.
  • Text comprehension and production is the first section of CELI 5 with 165 minutes, which is followed by the tests language competence (75 minutes), listening comprehension (25 minutes) and conversation skills (20 minutes).

Cost of the CELI

The cost of the test for the examination fee is approximately 100 Euro to 140 Euro with few deviations.

Online preparation courses for CELI

Registration for the CELI

To register for CELI, you can contact a certified test provider. However, private educational providers also offer CELI examinations. Registration for the CELI test is based on predefined, standardized registration forms.

CELI providers will soon be presented here.

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