The improvement and deepening of already learned language skills in Russian works best with an intensive refresher course based on didactic knowledge. It is particularly useful to take a language certificate according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The well-known TRKI Language Diploma, an internationally accepted proof, is divided into several levels. These are implemented according to the guidelines of the Moscow Lomonossov Institute and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Several components describe the TRKI language exam, making it ideal for different groups of participants.

Levels of the TBU

According to the CEFR, the TRKI is divided into the exams TEU and TBU. Behind the TBU language test are the levels A2 and B1. A2 is equivalent to the existence of so-called basic knowledge (elementary use of the language). Level B1 focuses on the independent use of the language skills.

Target groups of the TBU

Preferred target groups of the test are mainly foreigners and native citizens who have deficits in their mother tongue. Persons who would like to specialize, for example, in a course of study or a professional career, as well as students at adult education centers, are also predestined for the certificate.

Advantages of the TBU

The advantages of the rest The TBU Diploma Russian is recognized worldwide. It is based on the norms and standards of the CEFR and can also be taken in various German examination centers. The state-supported certificate is an additional qualification that is very popular in applications for a job, training or study place.

Goals of the TBU

The basic learning goals of the test are to optimize the understanding of the Russian language and to improve the written expression. In addition, the participants get to know a more advanced vocabulary and become more confident in conducting everyday conversations.

TBU Examinations

The contents of the exam vary according to the level. Five areas have to be completed. The types of tasks to be completed vary. For example, there are multiple choice questions, reading and listening texts, as well as text production and conversation. Test TBU A2 is based on word knowledge, grammar and spelling. The next part tests reading and listening comprehension and oral and written expression.

The A2 test takes 3.5 hours. Vocabulary and grammar will be tested in 50 minutes. The time allowed for the Reading Comprehension part is 50 minutes. There are 30 multiple-choice questions to be answered in the listening comprehension test. The time limit is 35 minutes. The examination part with the main point written expression is prescribed with 50 minutes. For 30 minutes the participants have a simple conversation and introduce themselves.

The B1 test takes the same total time. However, it differs from the A2 test in terms of grammar and vocabulary (60 minutes) and written expression (60 minutes). For the reading comprehension test (50 minutes) and the listening comprehension test (35 minutes), the time limits are the same as for the A2. There are 25 minutes for oral expression in Russian.

Cost of the TBU

The average cost of the test TBU Russian for A2 is around 55 Euro, for the B1 test around 60 Euro.

TBU test preparation via online courses

Registration for the TBU

Die Anmeldung zum TBU ist bei zertifizierten Testanbietern möglich.

Shortly, suppliers of the TBU will be presented here.

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