TEU is one of the language certificates that certify a personal level of Russian language skills. This test was developed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation together with Lomonosov University. The current version of the TEU has only been in existence since 2003, and the provisions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages have been incorporated into its development. Therefore, it is a worldwide recognized language diploma. The TEU language certificate is based on the existence of basic knowledge of Russian. This level corresponds to level A1 of the CEFR.

Nieveaustufen des TEU

The name TEU Russian stands for the elementary level for this foreign language. A1 contains special requirements adapted to the foreign language needs of participants with basic knowledge of about 3 years of school Russian. The language level is at a minimum level with a vocabulary of 780 to 800 words.

Target groups of the TEU

The Russian State Testing Program is intended primarily for foreigners. Russian citizens who speak their mother tongue do not participate in TRKI to a large extent. The level TEU is only one level of difficulty out of 6 of the TRKI.
Special target groups of the test are pupils, adults with deficits of the Russian language and persons living in Russia who need a language certificate. After completing the TEU, interested parties can plan further language diplomas that build on this.

Advantages of the TEU

The TEU Russian is a useful test, because it enables many people to get back into the Russian language. The international recognition proves the importance of the test at home and abroad. The TEU certificate also paves the way for various applications and CVs for companies or study institutions.

Goals of the TEU

The learning objectives of the courses and the test are to develop and improve the language level of the elementary level. The language skills in Russian should no longer be sufficient for a very limited everyday communication. In addition, more everyday situations should be mastered linguistically.

TEU Examinations

Candidates have about 3.5 hours to complete the test content. Within 50 minutes, they master the grammar, spelling and vocabulary using several selection questions. To assess reading comprehension, it is necessary to read a text in Russian for more than 50 minutes. Afterwards, questions about what you have read will be answered. Listening comprehension takes 30 minutes. A concise dialogue in Russian and 20 multiple-choice questions are to be recorded. The written expression test refers to the writing of a short, simple text. The duration of the test is 50 minutes. In order to demonstrate oral expression skills, a personal introduction and answering questions is followed by a 30-minute presentation. Included is the use of general language expressions and participation in a conversation in Russian.

Cost of the TEU

The cost of the test at examination centers in Germany or Russia is charged in the form of examination fees in the amount of 40 Euro. However, there are also providers where the TEU costs 80 euros. It is therefore advisable to first enquire at the responsible office.

TEU test preparation via online course

Registration for the TEU

To register for the TEU, you can contact a certified test provider.

Shortly suppliers of the TEU will be presented here.

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