The Diploma Internacional de Español, or DIE for short, is a way of proving general knowledge of the Spanish language. This certificate is particularly suitable for the professional sector. It is possible to branch out into different specializations, for example, business Spanish, Spanish for health and tourism.

Provider is the Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca. The certificate can be taken from the age of eight years. As a special feature, DIE offers different levels of oral and written examinations.

Levels of the DIE

With the DIE you can reach the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Zielgruppe des DIE

The Diploma Internacional de Español in its general version is suitable for all target groups. Children as young as eight years old can obtain this certificate. Within the framework of the specialization possibilities, for example for business Spanish, this course is particularly suitable for people who require proof of knowledge of the Spanish language for their professional perspectives.

Advantages of the Tests

It is a state-approved test that can be tailored to individual needs due to its specialization possibilities. It is suitable for a wide range of interested parties from the age of eight years. The levels in the oral and written sections can be chosen differently. The diploma corresponding to the language skills at the time of the test can be obtained.

Goals of the DIE

The DIE-Diploma is offered in different performance areas. These include ten oral levels in five competence levels and five written levels with four levels of specialization.

DIE Examinations

To receive the diploma, an oral and written test must be taken. The test is passed when a score of 65% of the total score is reached. The written and oral sections are considered separate tests and can be taken separately or together.

Level A1 requires a six to seven minute conversation with the examiner.
At level A2, the presentation of a ten-minute topic is required.
At B1 level, the presentation of a topic of one’s own and a topic designated either
For level B 2, the presentation of a topic of one’s own and an examiner’s topic is also required. The duration is 20 minutes.
For the exam for C1/C2 it is again necessary to present one’s own topic and a topic chosen by the examiner for a duration of 25 minutes.

Cost of the DIE

Depending on the selection, the costs are between 100 and 200 euros.

DIE Testvorbereitungen per Onlinekurs

Registration for the DIE

The registration for DIE can be done with a certified test center.

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